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Recommendations on climate change and governance in the United Nations

10th December 2020

Author: Liu XiangYong

I. Background

The source of climate change should start from the Industrial Revolution of Europe. Since the first stage of the revolution in the 1760s, the global ecological environment has suffered severe damage. The development of the economy has ignored the importance of protecting the natural environment, that is how today's situation is created!

During the development from the 19th century to the 20th century, there was the rise of German Nazism and Soviet communism. German Nazism and Soviet communism, in order to snatch huge economic benefits, then launched wars to invade surrounding countries. Arms competition, in the process of arms competition, it began to destroy the climate and environment on a large scale, and then evolved into the second world war, which severely damaged the green environment of all kinds. Therefore, to talk about climate change governance, we must first understand the political status because most of the reasons are political in nature.

II. Reason

(1) After the end of the war and the demise of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of China became the last and largest bridgehead of the Communist Party. The Communist Party of China formally joined the World Trade Organization on 11th December 2001, and then evolved into a gloabl plant, producing electrical products, among many others, for the global market. The Chinese government has also quickly become the world’s 2nd largest economy. This is an economic corruption policy planned by the Clinton administration of the United States and promoted by the Obama administration. They cooperated with the Communist Party’s economic looting plan, becoming the world’s parvenu and exerting her influence on the international political and economic playground. All this comes at a price.

The development of China's economy at the expense of the destruction of the natural environment is shocking. They have cut down forests on a large scale, established factories, and discharged a large amount of heavy pollutants into the air, resulting in a long-term smog over many cities. In addition, many toxic chemicals from factories are discharged into rivers and seas, turning the clear rivers into filthy stinky ditch. However, the Chinese Communist Party has never thought about the issue of governance. International environmental organizations pressed them. Just do something to rectify, this environmental disaster still has to be paid by the Chinese.

(2) At the international level, many developing countries also have the same experience. Many people only deliberately ignore the fragile balance of the natural environment in order to develop the economy, which has caused serious damage to the global climate as we witness today. There can be a deliberate element of sabotage of the environment. For corrupt politicians, this is another way of making money. The worse the natural environment is, the more interests they create. This is not only the evil plan of some profit-seeking politicians, but also a painful lesson for the whole world to learn.

III. Environmental governance recommendations

1. In order to solve the problem of environmental governance, we must first pay attention to political issues and the construction of belief and morality. The Bible clearly points out that the problem of this kind arises from the problem of evil, which has caused such destructive consequences. Adam and Eve lost the paradise-like natural environment in the Garden of Eden by committing a crime, and Nazi Germany invaded surrounding countries and lost their homes because of the invasion of surrounding countries. These are very realistic examples!

2. The most important political issue in the past was the emergence of two corrupt interest groups, the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Party. From the Clinton administration in the United States to the Obama administration, the Communist Party and the U.S. Democratic Party were corrupt. They have monopolized the global industry, agriculture, and various manufacturing industries. They have engaged in destructive economic movements on a large scale, embezzling huge amounts of wealth from them, and have led to the rapid deterioration of the environmental environment of many countries and the global climate!

3. To manage the environment, the Democratic Party and the Communist Party must be dismantled. If these two criminal parties continue to exist, the world should not think about managing the natural environment. A huge amount of funds has been spent on environmental research and governance. But why does the environment is still worsening? Because they only use the taxpayer’s money to go to meetings for entertainment, they are not concerned about real environmental issues. They know the root cause, but they dare not talk about it, and they don’t want to talk about it. They cannot care less! It is for this reason that experts in many countries today are deployed by the Communist Party and the Democratic Party and turned to do evil for the corrupt groups!

4. To manage the natural environment well, they must first oppose the Communist Party and the Democratic Party. Does the United Nations Climate and Environment Organization dare to do this? Do the ministries of the environment dare to do this? If the things that should be done are not done well, those of us are still qualified to represent the United Nations to meet with people around the world? Are we worthy of the trust of the global citizen?

5. Everyone must do a good job in environmental governance responsibly. The political leaders of all countries in the world must first believe in God and establish a political philosophy of faith. They need an attitude of being responsible to God in order to be responsible for the people. It is natural to reject the corruption and aggression of the Communist Party and the Democratic Party. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to manage the environment!

To sum up:

In response to the issue of global political governance, I have introduced the Faith system before. This is a useful system for solving world political issues. Contemporary political issues and international issues are systematically jeopardized by the Communist Party and the Democratic Party. The environment must start with the governance of political issues. Only when the world has established a system of faith can there be an environment of faith. Otherwise, the world will still be run by utilitarian mentality. How can such a political environment improve the natural environment?

10th December 2020

Author: Liu Xiangyong


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