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Liu XiangYong

🔘Personal Profile

Liu Xiangyong, a Christian, formerly known as Hai Yong, is an advocate of The Ethics of Christian Faith and the Form of Government(ECFG), a commentator on current affairs, editor-in-chief of the Global News Center, and an expert in international strategy research.

🔘March 1, 2021 Mr. Liu attended the International Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism attended by the President of Israel and U.S. Secretary of State Tompeo

On March 1, 2021, Mr. Liu Xiangyong, the advocate of Sindhi system, participated in the "2021 International Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism" attended by the President of Israel and the U.S. Secretary of State Tampio.

🔘2020 Participation in the 4th International Christian Media Conference in Israel with the participation of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Israeli Prime Minister

🔘 May-July 2020: Participation in various international conferences in Europe and the U.S., including the U.S. Foreign Affairs Committee and the Royal Institute of British Thinkers


The Ethics of Christian Faith and the Form of Government(ECFG) Advocate

Global News Center Founder Editor-in-Chief

Researcher, Media Strategy Research Office, Global News Center

🔘Previous Positions.

Delegate of the 6th member congress of Guangdong Literature and Art Federation of China

Delegate of the 6th General Meeting of Guangdong Film Association of China

Member of Guangdong Film Artists Association of China

Member of Guangdong Musicians Association of China


I. Milestones

Photo: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin attended the International Strategy Conference in Herzliya, Israel in May 2018, along with the Israeli Defense Minister and many heads of state.

Photo: Israeli officials in charge of culture meet Mr. Liu Xiangyong

In September 2016, he visited Israel for cultural and media exchange and was received by the leaders of the Israeli culture department.

Founded Global News Center in 2012

2007 Outstanding Musician of the Year Award of Guangdong Province, China


II.Representative works

1, 2012 in Hong Kong shot "Chen Liufang, Justice of the Peace narrative film", "dance master Yao Xiumei舞林高手-姚秀梅見證

2、In 2012, he filmed "Music Talent - Tang Xiao Kang", "ADJ Music" and "Malaysia Confidence Quit Gambling Club" in Malaysia.生命之歌-湯小康見證

3、Filming a large-scale historical documentary "Eternity" in 2009

4. 2007 Documentary Film

The Testimony of Grace for 100 Years": Liao Zhongkai's niece, Huang Xuefen, followed the truth with faith and lived out the testimony of faith for over 100 years.

5、2003 Character Art Film

Liu Sifan - Talking about Life": Chairman of Guangdong Federation of Literature, writer and painter, recipient of the Contradiction Literature Award.

Interviews with famous photographers and literary figures.

International: Chen Liufang, Tang Xiaokang, and

Domestic: Liu Sifen, Lin Yong, Zheng Qiufeng, Cai Songqi


🔘 More stories.

2018 Strategy Conference in Herzliya, Israel

Photo: Israeli Minister of Education (then)

In the middle of the picture: Speaker of the Knesset (then)

The world situation is unpredictable, and the Middle East situation is even more stormy at any time, who can see through it all? Who will be able to grasp the opportunity? On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, the 2018 Herzliya Conference, hosted by IDC Herzliya Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS), Israel's leading think tank for Middle East risk assessment, was held on the IDC Herzliya campus from May 8 to 10, 2018, with the presence of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who gave a presentation to the conference. He gave a report

Photo: Israeli Minister of Commerce



In September and October 2016, Mr. Liu Xiangyong was invited to attend the first International TV Format Conference in Israel, TLV Formats Conferenc 2016, where he was met by Vered Heller, the director of the Israeli Ministry of Culture in charge of the film and television industry, and had a preliminary exchange of views on the recent situation of the Israeli and Chinese film and television industries.

From September to October 2016, Mr. Liu was invited to participate in the first International TV Format Conference in Israel, TLV Formats Conferenc 2016, which was attended by nearly 400 media experts from all over the world, during which he learned from the experience sharing of writers from Israel, Europe, America and other major media worldwide.


🔘Small Stories

I remember when I was in the fourth grade, we lived on the beach and there was a small church not far from the beach. One day at dusk, I was walking on the beach and the sun was shining on the beach and on my face. It was as if God was asking me, "Son, what will you be when you grow up? I answered in my heart, "I want to be a musician, and I want to be an artist because God has created such a beautiful nature. After years of flying, I finally became an artist and won the honor of the Outstanding Artist Award. No, but more humble, because in the process of artistic creation, every step of creation is a new beginning, and we have to start over again, so it is not suitable for those who stick to the rules!

Throughout my years of creative work I have found that God's Holy Spirit has been guiding me, giving me creativity, wisdom and courage. So following the truth and desiring wisdom is a very important thing in my life!


🔘To uphold the truth of the Bible and pass on the mission of the culture of faith

The world's morality has lost its way in the midst of desire and confusion, and in many places, faith has collapsed and values have been confused. The renaissance of arts and culture is also to establish the faith value system of the society. Liu Xiang Yong International Culture Center adheres to the principles of the Bible, aiming to guide us to establish the faith value, to stay away from confusion, to calm our hearts, to understand the meaning of life and the truth of the Bible, to put the truth value into practice in our daily life, so that we can have joy, peace and power! Live a good life!

I. Those who cultivate the pursuit of truth can truly gain the wisdom that comes from truth

II. If a person does not have faith, his values will be confused and he will gradually become a loser with no goals and no ideas.

III. After having faith, we still need to put the culture of faith into practice in our daily life and turn it into a new culture that creates us, so that we will be truly influenced by the truth and faith!

IV. Passing on the vision and mission of the Bible's "Faith", blessings to all!

Thank you all for watching, praying and supporting us!

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