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Transformation from a politics distorted by the devil to a politics where the truth of Christ reigns

Many people are familiar with the word nation, but it seems strange because they don't understand how a nation works, and they don't know what kind of nation is the one that meets the needs of the human mind and soul. Why can't even the politicians who have the power to govern the country figure it out? Because they have never cared about the source of power, the loss of power, and the return of power, so they can only be called half-baked in the political industry, repeatedly and repeatedly unable to find a real solution to world politics; the more they are called masters of politics, the more ridiculous and naive they are, because once their political concepts come into contact with [interests], their IQ will become negative, and they will become selfish and brutal. It will become a tool of selfishness, brutality and destruction!

If a country and a government are ruled by such politicians, how can their country be good? These problems can be found in the historical development of Europe, America and China. In the ancient times before the reign of Constantine the Great in the Roman Empire, the politics of Europe was based on idolatry, lust, confusion of interests, cruelty and violence, and a devilishly distorted regime. Their regimes were constantly changing in the midst of violent upheavals, destruction followed by construction, tears followed by short-lived laughter, and the rulers were arrogant, rampant, and despotic, while the naive and ignorant people became enslaved and suppressed victims, like a confused cow, snatched and robbed by others, such are the regimes lost in sin and distorted by Satan!

And what about the Chinese empire, which claims to have more than 5,000 years of history? What is their political form? From historical documents, we can clearly see that from the ancient history of China after Yao, Shun and Yu, the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, the Chinese promoted benevolent rule, but the dynasties were all overthrown in desolation and corruption, that is, they knew that benevolent rule was good, but they could not do it. After the violent unification of the six kingdoms by King Qin Shiwang, there were several prosperous periods in Chinese history, the Han and Tang dynasties being the most famous; however, in such prosperous periods there were repeated palace coups and violent changes. It was not until the emergence of two figures in modern history, Hong Xiuquan and Sun Yat-sen, who laid the groundwork for the emergence of a biblical regime in modern Chinese history. If Sun Yat-sen had been half as bold as he was in promoting Bible education throughout the country during his reign, China would not have degenerated into the tragic situation of the Communist-Communist civil war and the mutual seizure of power, which is something Sun Yat-sen should regret. Sun Yat-sen was a bit like David, the second king of Israel, in that he did not attach much importance to power and feared God, but Sun Yat-sen was not as devout as King David, so his regime was unstable and he had to step down as a political commentator before he could serve as president for a year. This is the greatest humiliation in Chinese history, and the darkest moment in Chinese history, which continues to the present, when China and Taiwan cannot be unified, nor can they be unified. Unless we return to the truth of the Bible and the rule of law, it will be a very difficult task! Taiwan does not have full rule of law, let alone the mainland?

From the Roman Empire under the rule of Constantine the Great, the politics of the world began to change qualitatively, that is, from a dictatorship ruled by violence and military rule to an era of searching for the truth of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a new symbol in the history of human political development, a political symbol baptized by the cross, a political symbol that has also influenced the British Empire and the United States of America today, and has influenced nearly 100 countries around the world that are founded on the truth of Christ. The legalization of abortion, homosexuality, drugs, and gambling has gradually destroyed the puritanical nation that was built by the Puritans; it is a pity that European and American countries have degenerated into states of confused faith, moral degradation, and selfish desires. But with President Trump's administration in the past few years, he has continued to draw a clear line between the ugly and the wicked, and to promote prayer and the Bible, which has led to a new wave of faith and a great spiritual revival in the United States, which can't help but say that God is in power at all times in human history! It also proves what the Bible says in Isaiah 9 about the Messiah Jesus Christ!

Isaiah 9:6 "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given. The government] shall be on his shoulders. His name is Wonderful, Counselor, God Almighty, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isa 9:7 And his power and peace shall be increased without end. And he shall rule his kingdom from the throne of David, and shall make it steadfast and sure in justice and righteousness, now and forever. And the zeal of the LORD of hosts shall do this".

The above scriptures have made it very clear that the [authority] shall rest on [Him - Jesus Christ], where He refers to the [Messiah] of Israel, the Messiah means the anointed king of the Jews, in ancient times the Jews needed to be anointed by the prophet of the LORD God to anoint the new king. Isaiah 9 tells us that Jesus' kingship is based on the kingship of King David, because Jesus' physical mother and father in the world are both descendants of King David (Matthew 1:16). And Jesus, who is called Christ, was born of Mary. 17: So that from Abraham to David there were fourteen generations. And from David unto the time of his removal to Babylon, fourteen generations. (And from the time of the removal to Babylon to the time of Christ, fourteen generations. This is consistent with the biblical identity of the Messiah Jesus Christ as King, and then we come to the meaning of "Christ". (Isaiah 9: "He is called Wonderful, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace")! He has three identities at the same time, as [Almighty God], [Everlasting Father], and [Prince of Peace], and His kingship is a kingship above the world, and He is both the King of Heaven and the King of the earthly world, and since the Messiah Jesus Christ came to this world more than 2,000 years ago, He has established the kingship of the earthly world, and the Roman Empire of Constantine the Great is the representative of the fulfillment of this kingship, because Constantine the Great The Roman Empire, founded by Constantine the Great, was founded on Jesus Christ, and it was only later that Christianity became known as the Roman religion.

Liu Xiangyong


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