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President Rivlin Receives ASA Tel Aviv Women's Soccer Team Winners(2019.10.22)

President Rivlin Receives ASA Tel Aviv Women's Football Team, 2018/2019 Women's Premier League and Israel Women's Cup Winners

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin today, Wednesday, September 11 / November Elul, hosted the ASA Tel Aviv Women's Football Team, who won the Israeli Women's Cup and the Women's Premier League for the second time this year...ASA Sports Association President Nir Kofman also attended the meeting.

photo:Haim Zach(GPO)

"On the pitch, everyone is equal, but only the best can lift the cup. What you achieved last season was impressive," the president said to the player, then told him how much it cost to watch the Women's World Cup last month. "All the teams, especially the Americans, played beautiful, beautiful, fun soccer. It's the highest level of the sport. I have no doubt that this event, which draws huge crowds, will encourage more women and girls to play soccer."

The president said, "As a soccer fan and grandfather to my granddaughter, it gives me such pleasure. There is nothing to stop you from reaching the top. I admire your desire to win, your perseverance, your professionalism. Embrace the values that the game has taught us and continue to bring them to every area of your life. I am sure we will continue to hear from ASA Tel Aviv and the entire league, and I look forward to seeing you play international soccer.


Talia Zumer, 16, a new discovery in the women's league this year, said, "I was born in the United States, in Manhattan. My uncle introduced me to the game and I've been in love ever since. I joined a team of Maccabi Tel Aviv boys. One of the boys asked if girls could play soccer. The coach said they could. Girls are stronger, faster, sharper and better. I fought for my place and made the team. This experience taught me a lot I learned to focus on my game, not let anything stop me, do my best and keep improving."

The players proudly told the president that their team represents "the hope of Israel" with players who are Arab and Jewish, secular and religious, and between the ages of 15-36. ASA Tel Aviv's youth department is part of "Shield of Glory - Next Generation", a project of Beit HaNasi in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Football Association, the Football League, Toto and the Sports Values Organization. The Shield of Honor is part of Beit HaNasi's flagship "Hope for Israel" program, which aims to encourage partnerships between various sectors of Israeli society. "Shield of Honor encourages and supports soccer clubs to build vital organizational, educational and values infrastructure to help bridge the gap, build partnerships between different parts of Israeli society, and reduce violence and racism in soccer.


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