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Policy Research] Biden and the Democrats' Fraudulent Election Destroyed the American Democracy

🔘Election Prologue.

For more than a month, the U.S. presidential election has captured the attention of people all over the world, but the U.S. election has so far been a criminal masterpiece of fakery, with the U.S. Democratic Party fielding an elderly Biden who has been accused by the media of lewdness and drug abuse. First, his son's huge interests in Communist countries, then his son's rape of young girls in Communist countries arranged by Communist Party officials, and his son's serious drug addicted crap!

🔘Extent of Fraud

After the U.S. presidential election vote in late November, the media kept exposing evidence of massive ballot fraud by Biden and the Democratic camp. In addition, many postal workers threw the voters' ballots mailed to President Trump in the garbage, so the number of lost ballots for President Trump should be in the hundreds to tens of millions, while Biden's fraudulent ballots were exposed by the media as at least 40-80 million. Is it possible to say that such a bold fraud is a world record? The U.S. government needs to prosecute these malicious counterfeiters, the Democratic Party is finished!

🔘The Communist Party has manipulated the entire Democratic election campaign

The most horrible thing is that the Communist Party has manipulated all the election results of the Democratic Party in the United States, and all the election frauds were planned and promoted by the Communist Party, and the Democratic Party in the United States has been completely reduced to a puppet of the Communist Party. The result is that Americans have been reduced to slaves of the Communist Party! If it were not for this criminal election campaign, I would not believe that the Communist Party has taken control of the entire American political scene!

🔘A Communist Colony

If Biden defeats Trump in this election, then the government and the people of the United States will become a colony of the Communist Party. The Communist Party has evidence of corruption and debauchery in the U.S. legislators and politicians, and it will use these trapped dogs to mobilize the VIP clients of the Communist Party to achieve its evil goal of destroying the United States. The next step after the Communist Party destroys the United States is to turn countries into their colonies, and heads of state will have to become Communist Party district chiefs, just like Carrie Lam in Hong Kong! If the Communist Party tells them to do evil, they will not dare not to do evil, and the world will be completely dark! Therefore, we should fully support Trump's election as the new president of the United States, as this is a matter of human security and future!

🔘Eliminate the Communist Party and build a new world

The Democrats have already given democracy to the Communist Party, and the democratic system is finished. Only after the elimination of the evil regime of the Communist Party will the countries be able to carry out their daily trade and activities normally, and only after the Chinese and American people are free from the slavery and cruelty of the evil regime, will the Chinese and American people be able to speak of their happiness and have the freedom of faith, human rights, freedom of speech and all the basic rights that are inherent to human beings!

What we need is a Faith-based system, and the Faith-based system we have introduced is one that advocates the fear of God and love for the people. If humanity is to have a better future, we must work together to eliminate the Communist Party and the Democratic Party, to fight this human catastrophe together, and to bring future generations a new blue sky and blue clouds, a happy and beautiful vineyard home and vineyard country!

Sindhi Center for Institutional Policy Research

December 6, 2020


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