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how should the Hong Kong police treat protesters who were arrested indiscriminately?(2020.02.10)

If justice is to be done, how should the Hong Kong police treat protesters who were arrested indiscriminately?

A few days ago, President Trump signed and passed the Hong Kong Bill of Rights and the Hong Kong Bill of Rights Protection Act, which declares that the United States and the international community have the responsibility to protect human rights and the safety of the people of Hong Kong, and that people who have been sacrificed for no reason and arrested indiscriminately by the Hong Kong police in the past few months can be dealt with through this Bill of Rights and Democracy. YouTube media reported that when a train passed by in Fanling, someone heard a screaming sound and an anti-China protester was sent to China? A cloud of suspicion to be resolved?

According to incomplete statistics, 4,000 to 5,000 protesters have been arrested in Hong Kong in the past few months, and many of them have been killed, among which how many have been framed for murder (jumping from buildings or jumping into the sea)? Hong Kong is a region of the rule of law, all this must be resolved through the rule of law, suggest that the Hong Kong government set up an independent commission of inquiry as soon as possible, to give justice to the people, because this time, the anti-sending action, many police officers are simply lawless, their treatment of protesters is very brutal, many protesters skull and hand bones were broken, the ground is usually a pile of blood, riot and animal dragon methods are very cruel, What is the rationale for treating protesters in such a brutal way? Only an invader can be so cruel, just like the crimes committed by the Japanese during their invasion of China! Therefore, the Hong Kong police are very afraid of an independent commission of inquiry, but the state and the Hong Kong government must pay attention to this reality, without an independent commission of inquiry, the hearts of the Hong Kong people will not be pacified.

Have the police informed the families of the protesters who have been arrested, not to mention the thousands who have been arrested? Where are they now? What laws have they broken? Did they break the law or did the police arrest them indiscriminately? The police have to follow the established procedures to notify the families of the protesters, all this needs to be handled by fair justice!

From a political point of view, the violent suppression and indiscriminate arrest of the protesters by the Hong Kong police has caused the Central Government to be completely passive, as the sovereign state with a legal basis (according to the Sino-British Joint Declaration), the reckless and tyrannical behavior of the police has turned the Hong Kong Government and the Central Government into a very passive role, like an intruder, contrary to the millions of people in Hong Kong!

The mistakes of the Hong Kong police:

Ignoring public opinion, killing people, and arresting protesters!

Although there was no military presence, the violence of the Hong Kong police was enough to become a replica of June 4! Please remember, the June 4 injustice has not been overturned, don't think that the June 4 incident is over, it is not the past, 1.4 billion people always remember this blood feud! The people of mainland China are always waiting for the day when the injustice of June 4 will be avenged! So, what will happen to all those who participated in the massacre of the students on June 4? Li Peng was angry because the pro-democracy activists had set up a June 4 Memorial Garden in the United States, where they put the kneeling statues of Li Peng and Deng Xiaoping and took turns to use whips on the June 4 "butchers"! They are actually "human rights criminals", and according to the international law of the United Nations, the International Court of Justice in The Hague can try them as criminal and civil cases, and they may be guilty of human rights, democratic freedom, massacre of people, and dictatorship (moral crimes)! All the butchers who participated in the June 4 massacre of students will face the law! This is a matter of time!

Today, the Hong Kong police dare to treat the people of Hong Kong so violently, and the United States passed the Democratic Human Rights Protection Act, what will happen? Hong Kong officials and the Hong Kong Police Force senior management should pay attention, do not want to lose the basic reason for a moment of pleasure, to deal with things in accordance with the rule of law, the loss of justice, everything is meaningless!

🔘 according to the rule of law, guilty of incrimination (the need for the court to try, not the police themselves to determine)

🔘The innocent should be released immediately (do not harm the innocent)

🔘suggest that the Hong Kong government set up an independent commission of inquiry to try these cases, otherwise there is a suspicion of judicial injustice, the IPCC is only a white glove, no judicial power and the right to speak, can not convince the public

🔘The families of the victims should be appeased, and the government should compensate for the losses.

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