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President Rivlin Encourages Women Leaders in Science (07.04.2019)

照片:Amos Ben Gershom(GPO)

President Rivlin presided over a ceremony on Sunday, April 7, 2019, to mark the signing of a cooperation agreement between the National Academy of Sciences of Israel and the College of Human Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. Prof. Nili Cohen, Dean of the National Academy of Sciences and the College of Humanities, Prof. Marcia McNutt, Dean of the National Academy of Sciences, and Sir Len Blavatnik also participated in the ceremony. The scientific collaboration between the two institutions was made possible by the support of the Blavatnik Family Foundation. 

The National Academy of Sciences is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that provides independent, objective advice on science and technology to the nation and is dedicated to advancing science in the United States and providing scientific advice to the government. Whenever called upon. The National Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Humanities is the senior institution in the Israeli scientific community. Founded in 1961, it brings together Israel's best scientists to advance scientific discovery, advise on national scientific policy and planning, collaborate with international partners, and represent Israeli science on the international stage.

President Rivlin said: "Today marks the beginning of a formal partnership between our national academies, with the hope of decades of mutual cooperation and a deep and enduring friendship between our two countries"! Israel and the United States are at the forefront of scientific research, each independently of the other. Our joint efforts are sure to bring us incredible discoveries."

"Sitting with us today are the presidents of the National Academies of Israel and the United States," he continued. "Both are well known researchers, highly respected in their fields, and both are women. A hundred years ago, no one would have thought this was possible. I am proud that Israel and the National Academy of Sciences are working together to increase diversity in academia."


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